Soul Change by elena


Soul change was released in April 2006, before Elena embarked on her sojourn to United States to pursuit her musical career in May.


On this CD are four  tracks which was important for elena to record because of the political climate f what was occurring around her.  Elena was given permission to sing, "Tears of An Island,"  from the elders and councilors on Palm Island, North Queensland, Australia. The song is about the riot that occurred, as a direct result from of death in custody, on the island from the predominately oppressed indigenous people .


Alex Legg produced Tracks 1 & 4 in his Melbourne Studio, Victoria, Australia and tracks 2 & 3 were recorded at Wild Blue Music Studios in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


Thank you to Jason Martin for your on going love and support and very humbled to have your artwork on the front of the CD.

  • Red Rain (The Womens Warrior Song)

  • Tears of an Island

    Permission to sing ‘Tears of an Island’ was granted on my visit (02/03/05) from Palm Island Council, Elders and the community .  I have the support from the Island to sing this powerful song in public.  The resent Palm Island incidence (a death in police custody) was a catalyst for writing this song.  It sums up the unjust system and values that are placed on indigenous people (nationally).  It highlights the past to the present and shows how little these concepts have changed. Elena


    Tears of an Island


    Was it the deaths in custody?

    Or removed to an island to be free?

    Maybe it was that body found

    With chest injuries on police grounds?

    Could have been from the high suicides

    Domestic violence who decides?

    Maybe alcohol or drug abuse

    Then again, is this an excuse?


    Oh Palm Island in the sun

    Peace and love to everyone

    People removed from far away

    Mixed together they had to stay.

    Escaped a genocide in Christ’s name

    Their stolen history’s, who’s to blame?

    Now I’m sorry for what we’ve done

    We call that reconciliation

    Well Howard our leader he blew that away

    As ‘SORRY’, he will not say.




    Records made in the Guinness books

    Rampages of violence, take a look!

    Brother to brother, woman to man

    Anarchy, chaos is there a plan?

    Red tempers, brightly blazé

    Seems surreal is that a haze

    Dancing flames rejoice at last

    The locked histories from their past

    Watching that courthouse burn to the ground

    Finally, who was wearing the crown?




    The blue visitors they had there say

    Justice prevailed arrests were made

    Dark clouds on a still night

    Waves breaking what a sight

    Through history we’ll remember this day

    When the Palm Islanders had their say

    Time goes by our memories blurred

    For the Palm Islanders they were being heard

    For the Palm Islanders they finally got heard

    For the Palm Islanders they got heard!


    02/13/08 The Prime Minister of Australia (Kevin Rudd) made a public apology to the Stolen Generation (The Stolen Generations is a term used to describe those children of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent who were removed from their families by the Australian and State government agencies and church missions, under acts of their respective parliaments.)

  • Who Points The Finger

    Victims of the system

    Bred in a way

    Who Points the finger

    Who are to blame?

    I ask, “Who points the finger who is to blame?”


    Radio news flash ‘Twin Abducted Today’

    Community in shock and total disarray

    Papers print the stories

    ‘Child molested by priest’

    ‘Home invasions rise’, ‘Bomb kills ten at least’


    Who Points the finger

    Who are to blame?

    I ask, “Who points the finger who is to blame?”


    Entertainment needed

    Crimes and murders watched

    Brain washed by the visions

    Viewed on the box.

    TV story unfolds

    Drama and suspense

    Characters are killed

    Actors live make sense.


    Who Points the finger

    Who are to blame?

    I ask, “Who points the finger who is to blame?”


    Crime is escalating

    Drug abuse on hand

    Escapism, from living on this land.

    Reality we live

    Confused unconscious thoughts

    Dreamtime weaving

    Conscious yet not taught.

    Victims of this system

    Bred in this way


    Who points the finger?

    Who do we blame? (X4)

  • Nga Iwi E

    (written by Hiri Tewhai)

    This waiata (song) is about our belief in why we continue to pursuit this sojourn.

    Nga Iwi E is in the language of New Zealand Maori.ᅠᅠThe song talks about coming together as one body, one voice one spirit.


    Nga Iwi E  (Nar-e-wee) Your tribe, your community, your mob, your clan

    Kia kotahi raᅠ  (key-a core-ta-he-ra) Come together as one body, one spirit, one voice!

    Te moana-nui a kiwa  (T-more-wana newi a key-wa) How can this be possible, how can this be done?

    "Ki te mana motuhake
    Me te arhoha" "(Key-a te man-na more-two-ha-ki)

    (Met te r-raw-ha)" This can be possible, this can be done through the power of love and the power of respect!

    Wahine ma  (wa-hin-eee mar) The women

    Maranga mai  (ma-rung-a my) speak out / call out

    Tane ma (ta-nah mar) The men

    Whakarongo - tautoku  (fuc-a-rong-or toe-took-or) listen and support

    KIA KAHA  (KEE-A CAR-HA) "Be strong
    Be proud of who you are
    And believe in yourself!"