Grandmother Earth Grandfather Sky


Grandmother Earth Grandfather Sky won Native American Traditional at the New Mexico Music Award in 2012. This CD is a mix of Traditional and Original compositions and sung mainly in Navajo / Dine. Produced and engineered by Larry Mitchell was released on December 15th 2011. Indie record label.  Emma Dixon helped with the Navajo language on the original compositions and also co-wrote Track 5, Shi Yaazh (My Son). This CD has been dedicated to Tash's grandmother, Margaret Dalton.

  • Strong Wind

    About the song:


    I put this chant on the album because it came to me one morning and I happened to be near my recorder. It is a fast chant with the strong winds blowing outside.

  • Shikeyah Nizhoni Binaashniih (Memories, My Beautiful Land)

    About this song:


    This song is very old and my grandmother, Margaret Dalton, told me it was created during the Long Walk (Hweeldi) around 1863-64. The song is about missing our land and coming home.

  • Ii hii yee, iihii yee

    About this song:


    This song is from the Yei Bi Cheii Dance and has been used for the Gourd Dance and I learned this song in Junior High School in Chinle, Arizona.

  • Jo Ashila (Traveling Together)

    About this song:


    This song is about two people traveling together. It is very old.

  • Shi Yaazh (My Son)

    Shi ts'aa dee yinaal go ayo anoshni

    I gave birth to you, I love you


    Iinah nish ii goh naas yishaal

    In my life walk I walk onward


    shi na' nitin bee ni na sah

    I teach you about life


    Shi yaazh, dine sinlii'

    Son you have come into manhood




    Hozho ji yidal bik'eh yinaal

    You are walking in and toward the beauty way of life


    Toh bee iinah bee nidiidzih

    Water is life and you will take it in


    Hodinin sin go ado niil

    With respect your prayers will be answered


    Tso dilzin goh bee ni dziil

    Prayers give you strength



    Shi yaazh ayo anosh ni - My son I love you

    Shi yaazh

    Nizhoni go iina' a diiliil - Make a good life

    Ni awee' doo ni k'eii baa awholyah - take care of your family

    T'aa ni k'ad iina' inileeh - It's your turn to be a man

  • Journey Song




    It's a long walk out there, out there is a blessing, cuz it's the journey, the journey of now...



    T'aa anii jo gaal nahalin ak'ih hoji glih holoh

    You are walking in this life, you are blessed with this gift,

    Nil ch'ih, toh, adinidiin, nanise'

    Air, water, sun,

    bee nik'ih hoji glih

    Being holy in your being, and in your doings

    Hoz disin, (chant) doo tsozdilzin goh

    ᅠbee hadziil

    strength in your prayers

    Doo chanah ji lii leh,

    you will be inspired





    There are so many pathways, but I feel so blinded, because of that one thing you said to me,

    I can't let it go, I gotta let it go, so I can move to the rhythm.. to the beat, to the beat of the drum

    Of my heart, of my breath, connected to the wind...


    Repeat Navajo with chant

  • Beautiful Roads

    English translation only:

    Mother Earth is beautiful



    The roads are going in all directions

    Beauty in front of me, beauty behind me, beauty all around me,


    There are so many roads going in all directions,

    There are so many choices in life,

    It's all beautiful,

    Mother Earth is beautiful,

    Life can be hard, but if ᅠyou think in the beauty way,

    It is all good,

    The journey in life can lead to the beauty way,

    You know yourself,

    You already know the journey,

    there are teachings,

    They all lead beck to the same path

  • Kiizh

    About this song:


    This is a children's song about a dog named "Spot."

  • Shii Naa Shaa (Me, I Walk)

    About this song:


    This song is another song that sings to "being here" and "walking" with the "beauty way."

  • Grandmother Earth Grandfather Sky

    I walk alone, look to the sky

    I see the moon and think of you

    Grandfather you were so beautiful

    In your storytelling you were skilled




    Grandmother I think of you

    You love your livestock

    You taught your children

    The Navajo way of life

    Mother earth is our mother

    Father sky is our father