Tash Terry raised on the Navajo Nation (Dinetah) was born into the Todich’ii’nii (Bitter Water) clan, and made from the Bilagaana (French and Irish). Her family is from Black Mountain and Big Mountain on the Navajo Nation in Arizona. Her father passed away when she was a child.


Growing up on the Navajo Nation left lifelong perspectives that have inspired her goals in life. At 11 years Tash’s mother bought an acoustic guitar upon her insistence. The guitar has never left her side. Blessed and influenced by Native mentors gave Tash encouragement and instruction into the world of music and songwriting.


Tash was introduced to a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Navajo family from Lukachukai at an early age. ᅠThe American Sign Language (ASL) acquisition interested her into the world of Native/Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She continues to learn and interpret American Sign Language for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Cultures. Tash works as an ASL associate free lance interpreter.


Tash pursued her education at the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA.) She was introduced to other Native perspectives and realized that many stories, concerns and problems faced by her people were shared by other native cultures both nationally and internationally.


Tash started her creative process into collaborating with other cultures. She found herself involved in Native Theater, scriptwriting, directing and acting. Some of her works were produced in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Tash continues to gravitate into the worlds of Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and music. She believes in collaboration and seeing perspectives through the eyes of other peoples and cultures. Her work has opened doorways to travel nationally and internationally supporting grass roots organizations.

The balance from three very strong cultures, Elena was born in Aotearoa (New Zealand.) Raised in a pakeha (white) foster family in which she regularly visited her Samoan matrilineal aiga (family) and her Maori whanau (family.)


In 1996 Elena migrated to Australia teaching in both public and private schools. There she found her voice and passionately pursued her musical sojourn with the love and support from the community on Magnetic Island where she resided.


In 2006, Elena moved to the USA to pursue her musical talents. Supporting Native American gatherings and circles, she found her way to New Mexico. In August Elena met Tash. In November of the same year, saw the birth of Indigie Femme!


Indigie Femme sends a powerful message of acceptance, tolerance, courage and passion that communicates readily to audiences of all ages, cultures and regions. Elena & Tash's (Indigie Femme) unique combination and energy lifts their audiences to new levels opening pathways through their artistic creations.